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Our Architects & Engineers will create an accurate detailed model of your building in Revit from the scan data. The intelligent BIM model and integrated survey data would then allow the architects and engineers to access the progress, designing, and evaluate various options.

We offer Accurate Point Cloud to BIM conversion across US and abroad which are an essential part of the new building projects or refurbishments. Whether you need it for As-built, Topographic, and monitoring surveys, our team can help you out. Data rich 3D BIM Models provide information about as-built conditions, quantity, and construction materials.

At Virtual Building Studios, the designers, constructors, and owners deliver the point cloud data derived from the laser scanners to update or develop the finished Revit models. Now, the focus here is on completing the process in the most accurate and efficient manner and in the shortest possible time. Depending on the project and the use of BIM in the project, we optimize the level of details in which the point cloud information is converted to Revit. A step further we also convert them into BIM 4D, 5D, 6D, and 7D models.

Our team has successfully handled a wide range of projects of varying complexities for our clients from the countries US, UK, Australia, and UAE. The passion in delivering exponential work to all our clients is clearly visible in our portfolio of finished projects. Our wide felt presence stretches across industries including oil gas, real estate, retail, renovations, and larger scale infrastructure.