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This is one of the most widely used features of BIM. Virtual Building Studios has a dedicated team for Clash Detection and Coordination Services. Our customized clash reporting format, clash tracking system and accurate detection of clashes makes this as one of the most desired service at Virtual Building Studios.

We use the models provided by consultants and integrate them into Revit/ Navisworks to produce the Clash reports. A dedicated Clash Manager is allocated to each project and each team, who documents and tracks status and history of each clash.

Virtual Building Studios allocates virtual project coordinator who conducts weekly online clash review meetings. He brings together all the sub-contractors and the construction managers, resolving each clash individually until coordination drawings are extracted from the model.

Clash Detection is required when the elements of different models end up occupying the same place. It is tedious to detect a clash without the help of BIM services as it brings automation to Clash Detection. With the help of efficient clash detection and coordination services it is possible to achieve effective identification, reporting and inspection of interferences in a project. Clash detecting is important, and it is necessary for every project model as it reduces the risk of human errors while modeling inspection takes place. The most important motive of clash detection is that the mistakes which might have been discovered only on the construction site can now be seen even before any of the construction starts.

A various number of construction companies and projects across India and abroad use our integrated models to deliver coordinated and clash-free construction models and drawings.