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4D BIM Services


4D BIM Services

Virtual Building Studios delivers 4D models which enables the various participants (from architects, designers, contractors to owners) of a construction project, to visualize the entire duration of a series of events and display the progress of construction activities through the lifetime of the project.
Our BIM models are extensively used to extract Quantities and 4Dsequencing / phasing outputs. We incorporate Parameters of construction activity according to the bar-chart, which are added to BIM models to Study & Document sequencing, Phasing, Site management. We build these models differently-using Visual Scheduling layering. BIM models built this way can be used to extract IFC exports that can be integrated with various cost estimating&Project Management software.

Architecture | Structure | Mechanical | Electrical | Plumbing | Fire

4D Scheduling
  • Project phasing simulations
    • Lean scheduling
    • Last planner
    • Just in time equipment deliveries
    • Detailed simulation installation
  • Visual Validation for payment approval
  • 3D to 4D BIM
  • Conflict detection and resolution
  • Improved time management and construction scheduling
Revit | Vico | Navisworks | Archibus | AECOsim Building designer | Graphisoft Constructor

We build SD,DD& CD stage models for all disciplines, with documentation.