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Virtual Building Studios delivers a spectrum of professional and high-quality 3D architectural visualization, photomontage, rendering and animation services to Home Builders, retailers, architects, and general contractors. We help you identify the possible errors in the architectural design of the building based on our smarter 3D architectural virtual tours.

We are an emerging building 3D rendering/ 3D modeling services provider helping architects, builders and property developers to transform their rough sketches into high quality 3D modeling photomontage. At Virtual Building Studios, we believe that good 3D models help to save a lot of time and effort during the construction process. In the (architecture, engineering and construction) AEC industry it is very important to have proper 3D modeling support for finalizing developmental strategies. By achieving the higher level of 3D BIM modeling services, we are able to have a clear insight into the plans and avoid the technical errors and loopholes.

At Virtual Building Studios, we excel at the art of developing 3D models for the AEC industries in US and abroad by helping them have a better idea of their project even before the physical construction takes place. 

We have a professional team of architects, engineers and designers who are specially trained in a variety of 3D modeling services. They will take care of all the minor details and specifications of your BIM model from the very beginning of your BIM modeling construction project.

We strive to serve you with the best quality of every construction project we take over.  There are a several factors that contribute to the quality of our work. We offer, easily transitioned 3D models, an interactive virtual environment and an effective interaction between the team throughout the entire process.