Virtual Building Studios starts BIM Academy

Leading BIM outsourcing center of excellence, Virtual Building Studios, is turning the tables to ensure it recruits the very best BIM manager & coordinators by providing its own bespoke high level training.

As Mitali Mandwiwala, Operations Director explained, “As a growing business providing BIM modeling and Consulting businesses in the UK, America, UAE and India, we must ensure we can recruit the top Modellers and managers. Our in-house recruitment team is constantly searching for new people but often these candidates do not have the skills or level of experience we require; and that led us to identify our own solution – we can train them ourselves.”
The BIM team who work at the Virtual Building Studios delivery center in Ahmedabad, India are highly skilled, often with direct experience of working in the countries that they now provide BIM services for; and many of them with recognized Diploma and Autodesk certifications. They ensure they keep abreast of changes and developments in BIM practice in the countries they serve and are therefore ideally placed to impart that knowledge to others.
Virtual Building Studios has a history of internal training so it was just one step further to develop a dedicated BIM training academy and put together a detailed educational programme lasting four months for appropriate candidates.
The BIM Training Academy has been running since the beginning of 2015 and already has over 20 people undergoing the training. The programme includes: BIM standard practice, Clash detection & Coordination, Discipline knowledge, Integrated project Delivery etc

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