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During the initial tendering stage of a project Virtual Building Studios provide the Contractor with means to visually show a client how he intends to construct the project, and what considerations he has provided for within his design and price that best suit the clients’ needs. Our precise and accurate Quantity take offs help you gain competitive edge, increase profitability by reducing wastage and better inventory control.
Our BIM team support Contractors, Construction managers and project managers to Coordinate and manage a project through use of BIM. Virtual Building Studios converts designer’s drawings to BIM. Our Constructor’s models are more detailed and created using “Visual scheduling” method – so they can be used for Quantities, Sequencing, Facility Management etc.
Our services customized for the construction industry cover the project life cycle, taking it from design consultants to handing it over to the owner.
  • Bidding support
  • Design-to-construction model conversion
  • Construct-ability analysis
  • Clash detection and trade coordination
  • Quantity takeoff and costing
  • 4D modeling and construction sequence simulation
  • Site logistics and safety management planning
  • Field BIM: On-site verification, guidance, and tracking of construction activities (for India only)
  • As-built modeling & data linking for FM applications
  • Quality assurance using laser scan & BIM models

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